By: Angel Valadez

Who is he ?

He is a top best ranked soccer player in fifa league. First mexican to join manchester united. Top ten best goal sccorer in mexico's national team. Chicharito is the highest paid Mexican football player in the history.

chicharitos life

He was born at June 1, 1988 Jalisco,Guadalajara and first to played in a recreation league when he was only seven years old. Hernández joined C.D ,Guadalajara at the age of nine and signed his first professional contract when he was 15. Thats when he start his career.

Chicharito in diffrent soccer clubs. (Teams)

Thesis Stament


He is my role modal because of his skill and first mexican to join manchester, Top ten most vauble soccer player Because of his soccer skill, and all the achievements he has earned in his life.


He has inspired many young soccer players to be just like him. A young pro soccer player for many soccer clubs. This is why he inspires me in many ways.


Top ten most vauble soccer player.