How Would You Feel If It Was You

By:Lauren Brinson-Goins

Don't Be A Fool Just To Be Cool

How would you feel if you were scared to come to school? How would you feel if you were being not only physically abused but mentally too? How would you feel if you felt like no one cared? The question to all of these are alone

Don't Stand By, Stand Up

Many people who get bullied are usually around others, but what are they doing? Nothing just watching, being spectators. We shouldn't stand by and just watch because think about if you were in that same situation you wouldn't feel to good knowing somebody could have helped you but they didn't. So think about that next time you wanna just watch be a leader not a follow.


Gangs Aren't Allowed Beyond This Point

Who are you to gang up on me?

Gangs to me are just a group of people who pick on other people to make them feel better about themselves or just for the fun of it. Most gangs are in schools nowadays and they ten to effec the many children that are around them, but if all of us unite together we can stop not only bullying but also gangs. We just have to stop being standby and just stand up