Jack Nicklaus Monument

Dedicated to the greatest golfer in golf history

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Who is the subject of the monument?

Jack Nicklaus was the greatest golfer of all time. He has been playing golf since 1962 and retired in 2005. Nicklaus won 18 majors in his career and went on to receive many awards after his retirement. Jack Nicklaus is a very important aspect to the game of golf and has inspired many people.

Why does Jack Nicklaus deserve a monument?

  • Nicklaus has won a total of 18 majors in his career and 2 amateur tournaments.
  • He has won 4 US opens, 6 Masters, 5 PGA Championships and 3 British opens
  • Nicklaus was named the PGA player of the year 5 times
  • There is a museum and many monuments dedicated to him but none for his first tour win which was at the 1962 US open at Oakmont country club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Where will the monument be located?

His first major win

June 17th 1962 at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

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The monument will be located at the site of his first major win because this is where his infamous golf career began. This course plays a big role in his game as it is the site of many tournaments and wins he has had

What will the monument look like?

Jack Nicklaus' monument will be a replica of Nicklaus doing his famous pose after making a putt. It will be made out of stone and will be about the size of him. It will be located near the clubhouse at Oakmont Country Club.
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Why are people opposed to this monument?

Some people might be opposed to this monument because since this is a monument recognizing that he is the greatest golfer, they might think someone else is more deserving of a monument or he doesn't deserve one at all. Another reason people could be opposed to the monument is the members of Oakmont might feel there is a more accomplished player that deserves a monument at their club or their shouldn't be a monument at all.

Funding for this monument

The members of Oakmont will be funding this monument and also their will be a golf tournament hosted at this course to help raise money for the monument.

Personal Connection

My personal connection to this monument is that my Dad's all time favorite golfer is Jack Nicklaus and he grew up watching him play, he looked up to Jack as an aspiring golfer in high school and really learned from Jacks etiquette and attitude on the golf course. I look up to my Dad as a golfer and have watched Jack play in many senior tournaments.