Miss Carpenter's Classroom News


Tanglewood Buy One Get One Book Fair

Monday, April 11th, 9:15am to Friday, April 15th, 3pm

60 Tanglewood Drive

South Glens Falls, NY

The book fair is this week! Tuesday night the book fair is open until 7:00 p.m. so feel free to stop by. The students will also have the opportunity to purchase books during their library time on Thursday.

Math News

This week in math we are continuing to review previously learned concepts. We are spending a lot of time on multiplicative comparison word problems since they are very tricky. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the students will take their math state tests.

Social Studies

We are learning about the Revolutionary War in social studies. Last week students felt the effects of the taxation from Parliament. Ask your child about the Skittles activity. Some students were about to revolt! This week we will continue to learn about the Revolutionary War and its impact on our state and country.

Reader's Workshop

This week in reader's workshop I am beyond excited to begin our unit on biographies. This week, the students will be reading four to five different biographies. We will be working on really getting to know the person they are reading about. As they are reading, the students will work on picturing the setting and what life was like during the time the person lived. They will also be working on finding the challenges and struggles the person faced on their way to becoming famous.


The beginning of the week the students will be working on writing an essay for a writing contest put on by Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park. Students will write an essay describing how trees play a role in their own lives. The essay can also describe a time when they felt connected to nature through trees. The end of the week students will begin to work on a long term biography project.

Our Mythology Play Groups