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Leah Coniff

Typing Web

We have to type every technology in the start of class for 5 minutes. Every quarter that we go through we have to complete 6 mini lessons in the lessons to earn a 3, and complete the entire intermediate course if you want to earn a 4. We start off at intermediate unless you are new to this school. I personally think this fun because sometimes you can get very far into it and you get stuck into it, like you like it a lot.

Career Locker

This is a very fun unit because you get to choose your dream job and learn about it! Mrs. Vandenboogard helps you out with this, she comes in for a lot of lessons with you, then you get to do this fun activity where you create a google sheet and you have to see how much money your college will cost and stuff like that. You also get to design a person if you are new to this website, if your not you can go back and fix your avatar.

Explain everything

In this unit was probably my favorite just because it includes math and because it includes explain everything! What you do is you pick your math problem ( Mrs. Myers gives you a sheet of them ) and then you go step by step with the math problem and record your voice and visually show what you are doing.You also have to put a picture in somewhere into your project. You get about 3 days to do it which is plenty of time.


iTrailer is a fun unit just because you get to do it on anything about you or you family! It can be made up or realistic, i'm pretty sure that you will have a blast doing this. Its your option if you would like to present or if you don't want to. I hope you enjoy!

Haiku Deck

Have you ever tried Haiku Deck? Isn't it a fun app? Well if you said yes, you are in luck! We do this really fun unit or something right after career locker. You get to make 10 slides about your dream job, but you do have to present. Mrs. Myers grades you on how you present and on your information. We do after career locker because it has to do something about your dream job, so it makes sense!


Coding is something that we do in 6th grade technology. You go onto Code.org and you start in the advanced course, and turn earn a 3 you have to complete stages 8 and 9. It is fun to because at one point you get to make your own code. They make it fun to do code because they have cool pictures and designs you have to complete. I hope you have fun doing code!