I Want That Job!

Intrested in learnig about animals?

What do Zoologist do?

Zoologist study every aspect of wild animals. They study their origin, behavior, desiese, habits, population structures, genetics and life cycles.

What's cool about this job?

Zoologist don't always work inside like most jobs. They mainly work outdoors. They get to see almost all animals. they don't just study them they have to study their habitat, food and other aspects of the animals daily life. 


The zoologist and wildlife wage is 57,420 a year. The annual wage is 45,230 per year, and the mimium wage per year is 15,080.

Companys that hire zoologisit.

Places that hire Zoologist are Audubon, U.S. Geological survey, U.S. fish and wildlife service.

Who does this benifit.

This not olny benifits the people working, but it bebifits the animals too. This benifits the animals by us finding the cures for deiseses that they have. We can also help them when they are indjured or sick. Zoologist also study the habitats that the animals live in. This helps because they can help improve their habitats.

Madison Jones

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