My Mission Statement

Never Give Up

I think im pretty well set for life because I will never give up.

I know life will not be fair but that doesn't mean I have to give up, and I will role with the punches and keep moving forward. The world is full of haters, but its our job to ignore them and keep living life to the fullest. I expect that if i succeed I will be in the criminal justice family.

I want to get all A's and B's.

If I get all a's and b's then I expect to go to a great college, because if you get bad grades and fail classes how do you expect to go to college?

College, Career, and Life

When I take college classes I expect myself to be mature because I am in school to learn not fool around, and when I have trouble Ill ask the teacher for help. When I go to college I want to get my masters in criminal justice, because I want to be known for saving lives. When I look at myself in the mirror in the future I want to know that I had a great career, great life with good money and a hot wife.