Alcaro's Alerts January 2019

PA Virtual Education Association


Graduation this year is Saturday, June 8th. While we understand this is not ideal, please understand it is a work day. It has been counted as one of the 197 and 207 days of our contract. This was not something we anticipated during bargaining since Graduation had moved to Fridays for the last couple of years.

With all of this being said, the Association is asking that all teachers make every effort to be in attendance as a show of good faith. The District has been very generous with us and we have a very good working relationship. This is something that is important to Dr. Chandler as well as the Board. I am concerned that if too many teachers call out for Graduation, it will have a negative effect on future negotiations and conversations. Please keep in mind that Dr. Chandler removed blackout dates even before negotiations began, allowed flex time back into the Handbook, and just gave us a bonus.

The Association is asking that unless you have a wedding, graduation, or other extraordinary issue, you make every effort to attend. Graduation is six months away so there is ample to

time to plan accordingly.

A Little Something Extra

Unfortunately, the Association wasn’t able to convince the District to move Graduation back to a Friday for this year. However, we didn’t just give up and roll over. We continued to meet with Dr. Chandler and were able to come up with a way to show the District recognizes that working on a Saturday isn’t ideal and appreciates the time of its staff.

For that reason, all teachers who are present at Graduation will be able to take a half a day on the afternoon of Friday, June 14th.

I would like to make the following clear:

1. It is still a work day – attendance is required.

2. If there are extenuating circumstances (wedding, graduation, death) teachers will need to use their personal/sick/bereavement days.

3. If a teacher is not at graduation (for any reason) they will work a full day on Friday, June 14th.

4. Note that there will be no excuses come the 18th – all year end tasks and procedures must be completed.

This is for this year only – we are not sure yet when Graduation will be the following year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Building Representatives.

As always, thanks for all you do!

Right To Know

A Right to Know organization has reached out to PA Virtual to collect information on its employees. This organization will be sending anti-union literature out in an effort to dissuade individuals from joining and being protected by the Association. I have always said that I will not bully anyone into being a member of our Association, but I do know the larger we are, the stronger we are. We are already a small group with limited finances. If we are unable to maintain our membership, we will diminish our ability to do many things: bargain a new contract, fight for teachers who may be unfairly terminated, etc. We are stronger together than alone. While we currently have a very positive working relationship with the District, people can change, our leadership can change, and we need to make sure we can protect ourselves. At the end of the day, I respect your right to choose what works best for you and your family. I just wanted you to know what is coming so you aren't taken by surprise. As always, please reach our if you have any questions or concerns.