Communicating in Math

Integrating Technology into Your Math Program

Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB)

The Ontario Educational Resource Bank is a useful tool for Ontario teachers to share resources with other Ontario teachers and students. It could be used in Math as part of the three part lesson process (Minds-On, Action, and Consolidation). It contains:

  • 26 000+ resources
  • interactive learning objects, units
  • word processing files, flash movie files, PDF files, HTML pages
  • created by teachers for teachers and students
  • K to 12
  • Video Resources: Learn 360 provides over 8,000 videos and 20,000 video clips through a very user friendly and intuitive interface for students

Students can access material with the following login - Username: PDSBstudent Password: oerbs

Or go to BYOD Portal Page: as a PDSB student or PBSB teacher, login into the environment, and click on the OERB button to gain access.

Pixie 3

Pixie 3 is a simple drawing program that is ministry licensed. In addition to the many artistic tools, Pixie 3 allows you to record your voice and create your own digital stories. It can be used to help Communicate ideas in Math or to help develop the other Math processes.

Overview of Pixie 3:

Recipes and Snacks (tips and tutorials): (

Ideas for the classroom: ( )

Frames 4

Frames 4 is ministry licensed software that allows you to create digital stories and animations with clipart provided in the program, your own designs or imported media. Again, Frames 4 can be another useful application to help Communicate ideas in Math or with the other Math processes.

iPad Apps

There are a number of great apps that students could use to Communicate and explain their thinking in Math. Have students create visual solution to a math problem with Keynote, iMovie, Bookcreator, MyStory App, Puppet Pals 2, and Puppet Pals HD. What a great way to share their thinking!!

Other Resources

Check out the Teaching and Learning section on Peel21st Chicklet (PDSB Login and Password required) It contains a number of great ideas for the Digital Classroom, BYOD, Mobile Technologies, and much more!

Provide your student with online tutoring (Live tutors) through the Ontario Ministry of Education:

Check out the website on Integrating Technology with Math:

Check out the PDSB BYOD Portal Page go to:

If you require further assistance please contact me at If you are on Twitter follow me @dcruz22 and check out these hashtags: