All About Me

By: Mohammad Daher

I Play Baseball .

I play for Valley A.A's Travel Team! I like to watch it on TV too because its really entertaning. My baseball number is number 24. I pitch and play first base. My favorite baseball player is Robinson Cano.

I Play Video Games

I like it because its really fun. I record and stream on it so it makes it better. I like to play it with my friends. Also i do tournaments on it so it makes it really fun! Also i play with some friends from school.

I play football.

I like to play football because its really fun. My favorite football player is Adrian Peterson. Hes a running back for the Vikings. I also enjoy watching football all day on T.V on Sunday! I also play for a team.

I Like To Eat Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food. I like to get it from Champs Pizza. I like to fold it and eat it. I usually eat 2.

I Like To Do Track

I like to do track alot because it keeps ur body moving. It gets tiring after awhile but its still really fun. During baseball season i always go to track whenever i have a chance and run laps.