Corazon Aquino

First Female President Of The Philippines

Early Life / Childhood / Education

  • Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco was born January 25,1933, in the Tarlac province to a wealthy political and banking family.
  • She attended school in Manila until the age of 13 , the finished her education in the united states, first in philadelphiia and later in NYC
  • She graduated from the college of mount st.vincent in NYC, n 1953, with a bachelor's degree,in both French and mathematics.

Education / Early Career

  • Upon returning to the philippines, she enrolled in law school in Manila, where she met Benigno Aquino, jr. ,an ambitious young journalist who also came from a family with considerable wealth.
  • Aquin was sworhinto office on february 25, 1986, becoming the first female president of the philippines. That same year, she was named TIME magazine's women of the year.

Major Events in Life or Career / Legacy / Awards

  • Aquino did not go quietly into retirement instead , she ran a think tank on non-violence and periodically helped lead street protest against the policies of end orsed by her successers.
  • In 2008 , she learned she had colon cancer . She passed on August 1, 2009.
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