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February 12th

We made it!

Today is the 89th day of school! We are so proud that we continue to be one of the few schools in RI to be learning in-person for 89 days and counting! What an accomplishment!!! This has been a combination of efforts between teachers, staff, students, and families. A very special thank you to the group of people that without them none of this would be possible; our TEACHERS! They have taken a year of lemons and made it into the most delicious lemonade.

Let's take this week of vacation to rest, recharge, and celebrate our hard work.

Thank YOU!

Andrea Spaziante

Donations for AJ Quetta

Wow! What a generous community. We raised $1677 today for the Quetta family. Thank you for making a difference.

ICCRS Physical Education Expectations for Gym Use

Up to his point, PE has been outside for all of our classes. With the weather turning VERY cold, the leadership team, Mrs. Habershaw, and Mr. Delfino have formulated a COVID-safe plan to have PE in the gym for all grades. Please read the protocol we will follow below. If you have any questions, let me know. This will begin when we return from winter break.

  • Mr. Delfino will get students from classrooms and walk them to the gymnasium.

  • Students will sanitize their hands on the way into the gym.

  • Students will wear masks in the gym.

  • Activities will be structured to allow students to remain socially distanced.

    • Activities will not include physical contact or elevate respiration levels.

  • There will be no shared equipment (i.e. basketballs will not be passed back and forth)

    • Mr. Delfino will sanitize any equipment in the gym that will be used by another pod of students.

  • Gym doors will be opened to allow fresh air into the space.

  • Students will sanitize their hands on their way out of the gym.

  • Mr. Delfino will walk students back to their classrooms.

  • At any time, students are permitted to opt-out of activities that may cause discomfort due to COVID concerns (without any grading penalty).

Snow Days

Moving forward any snow days will be asynchronous learning days for the students. This means that work will be posted by 8 am on either SeeSaw or Google Classroom to be completed by the end of the school day at 3 pm. If this deadline is difficult for your child to meet, please email the teacher.

Typically, we follow Cranston public school's cancellations/delays. This year, ICCRS will be making our own calls on whether or not to cancel or delay. You will receive a text and it will also be posted on the RIBroadcasters so it will appear on the TV.

Technology Updates

Please make sure your child's device is updated over vacation.

Upcoming Dates

February 15th-19th - Winter break

March 12th - No school - Faculty PD day - Asynchronous learning day

March 26th - No school - Faculty PD day - Asynchronous learning day


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We are united by our Christian vision and values to empower our students to become creative, compassionate builders of the future.