All About Me

William Hyatt

My name is Billy William Kenneth Hyatt. I love to play tennis for Cooper Middle and like to draw. Math and science are my favorite subjects in school. I have anger issues and struggle in depression. My mother, Dawn, father, Billy, two sisters, Ryleigh and Britany, and my brother, Corey are different.

What Does it Mean to be a Leader?

To me a leader is someone who:

  • Someone you want to follow
  • They teach us to be better or worse
  • Helps you when you fall down
  • A good friend

Famous Leaders in My Life

Leaders in my Life

Short Term GOALS

  1. Help Others
  2. Pass All Tests
  3. Stop Procrastinating

Long Term GOALS

  1. Be an Artist
  2. Be Better at Tennis
  3. Go to the Army