Alfred Nobels Invention of Dynamite

"Nobels Safety Powder"

Alfred Nobels Life Before Invention

Alfred Nobel was born on October 21st of 1833, the fourth son to Immanuel and Carolina Andriette Nobel. His father was an engineer and inventor, leading to Alfreds interest in engineering, especially in explosives, at such an early age. When Immanuel moved to the city and became successful with his inventions of plywood and the start of torpedoes, he moved his family to Saint Petersburg with him. Alfred began private tutoring sessions and schooling at the 'Jacobs Apologistic School' in Stockholm. When he became older, he began accompanying and studying under Nikolai Zinin, a chemist. He later moved to Paris to indulge himself in his studies and work of chemistry, and eventually the United States.
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Alfreds Invention of Dynamite in 1867

Nobel finally succeeded by inventing dynamite in 1867.

He mixed nitroglycerin and silica together which crated a malleable-like paste, which was later named 'dynamite'. The name 'dynamite' came from the Greek word δύναμις dýnamis, meaning "power".

Mini Bio: Alfred Nobel

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