Digital Citizenship

Amanda LeBlanc

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

There are nine themes of digital citizenship: Etiquette, Access, Security, Communication, Commerce, Health & Wellness, Literacy, Law, Rights & Responsibilities.

Online Shopping - Pros and Cons

Much of commerce is now done electronically. So much of consumer goods are easily available online. Most of it is legitimate and legal, but there can be issues. There are some goods and services that go against laws or morals of some countries. So, people living in certain places can't buy many things that we buy in the USA.

We should help to provide and expand access to technology. There are many people who have no access. Other resources may have to be provided. Maybe, they can use the library computers to shop online.

Now we are able to communicate with many other from anywhere at any time. You could purchase anything you want at any time, but you have to balance it with your budget and needs.

More and more there is a need for digital literacy. Schools have made great progress in the area of technology. We need to learn how to use that technology fast and correctly. Consumers need to learn how technology affects their purchases both positively and negatively.

Digital Etiquette is about appropriate conduct. There are rules and regulations and you may be banned for inappropriate use. Whenever you are on a website to make purchases, there is always a term of use to read and accept.

There is ethics in technology just like everywhere else. This is so that users don't steal or damage other people's work, identity or property online. Online purchases need credit cards or account information and you would not want this hacked. Some people try to steal music, writings, or personal data. Shopping online can sometimes be dangerous.

Just like being a citizen in the US where we have rights and responsibilities, we have those on the internet for online shopping. When buying things online you will expect that they are real. You order something and receive it.

When I work online, I'm creative. When I do power points, I always do a good job. When I create a website, I will create a website that you can shop on.