Benjamin Franklin

Jotchua Dinkel


Benjamin Franklin attended the school of Boston for two years. He quit school at age 10. At age 12 Benjamin became a apprentice to his brother who was printer at the time. After that he self educated himself. By the end of his life he had gathered many which included degrees from Harvard, oxford, and The University of St. Andrews. he was sought out for his way with words


Signed the declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin helped push America to Independence from Britain. Organized the first library and volunteer fire department. Discovered the potential of electricity. Benjamin Franklin was one of 5 to draft the Declaration of Independence.

Family & Childhood

Benjamin Franklin was born one of 17 children. Had 2 children William and Sarah. Benjamin did have another son but Francis died as an infant from small pox. Benjamin's wife Deborah Had only Sarah. His son William was a loyalist.

Contributions to Change

Started America on the path of modern Industry an electronics. discovered electricity and invented the lightning rod and the printing press. Leaked information involving British soilders onto Boston.


Born in Massachusetts on January 17, 1706

Died in Philadelphia at his daughters house on April 17,1790