March 11: COVID-19 Update

Dear Caregivers & Students,

Yesterday, Berkeley County Schools joined a community discussion including healthcare professionals, first responders, and social service agencies with the goal focused on identifying collaborative efforts and communication for the tri-county area.

Our staff continues to participate in local, regional, national webinars and conference calls in an effort to learn as much information as possible to assist in making the best decisions as we navigate through this challenging and ever-changing situation.

As we move forward, BCS is looking at opportunities for teachers to prepare lesson plans and instructional materials for remote learning activities, should the need arise.

Dr. Terrence Reidy MD, MPH, of the Berkeley-Morgan County Board of Health has met with school and district leadership to provide a health update and answer questions regarding COVID-19.

At this time, Berkeley County Schools continues these going efforts:

  • Monitoring student and staff attendance daily
  • Continued classroom and bus cleaning practices with additional emphasis on areas most frequently touched
  • Administration and reinforcement of USDA HACCP standard operating procedures for kitchen sanitation efforts with the addition of disposable utensils
  • Review and preparation of alternative methods to deliver curriculum and instruction should the need arise
  • Evaluation of student nutritional needs outside the traditional school day should classes be canceled
  • School sponsored trips outside of Berkeley County are being monitored hourly/daily to determine if an event should be rescheduled

We're working with all of our local healthcare partners and encourage you to join us as we listen to Dr. Matt Simmons with WVU Medicine Infectious Diseases via the Community Mini-Med School Facebook live event on March 17th at 7 pm. Berkeley County Schools’ professional and service personnel along with our community partners are due our appreciation and respect for their professional, elevated and on-going preparation and response to the dynamic challenge COVID-19 has presented.

We will work in collaboration with our health department if it is determined we need to close schools. We encourage our community to take care of your health and consult a healthcare provider if you have concerns. In our schools, we continue to stress the importance of prevention and healthy habits. While the immediate risk of this new virus is believed to be low at this time, everyone across the District can do their part to help keep our students, staff, families and community healthy.


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Patrick K. Murphy

Superintendent of Schools

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