Ryan's Colony

Come to our land for the best prices!

If you come to my land you are garenteed a happy life!

DESCRIPTION AND RESOURCES-When you come here you get the best resources! Some of them are plenty of timber,fine water,wild game,rolling hills,rainfall,richsoil,trees,good farming,and best of all it is far away from the comachies!


The colony is between rivers called the Brazos and the Colorado River! In this place it has plentiful in resources so come on down.

People we want and don't want

Acres and Prices

If you are a single here you would get 640 acres and if your married you get another 320 acres of land. Also for each kid you get 160 acres of land. This is all for the low price of .125 CENTS PER ACRE. In the United States they sell for $1.25 per acre. That is crazy.

Applications are going all around the south of the United States.

I hope you will come on over to the best land of all!