lead singer of U2

About bono

  • Bono was involved with a stree gang and that is where he got his nickname bono vox witch is latin for good voice.
  • When he was 14 his mother died.
  • he was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland.

More about bono

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bono establishes a strong sense of leadership through traits like

  • Establish a sense of urgency
  • Creating a strong guiding coalition
  • Developing a compelling vision and strategy
  • Communicateing the change vision

how bono shows those leadership traits

  • Bono is a very motivational person, he helps countless people, organizations, and even countries just be makeing other people aware of whats going on.
  • I feel that i share bono's sense of urgency trait because i can eaisly convinec people that some thing is very important very easily.
  • I think that bono's communication change vision his most important trait because he's famous and can share his vision with a lot of people at once.

Why bono is inprational

  • he is a ver famous and inprational person, and he uses that power to help people all over the place whenever he can. that is why I chose to write about him.
  • Even though leaders dont have to demonstrate real leadership traits Bono chouses to do so on his own accord, without anyone urdging him to do so.

I'm going to need to devolpe many diferent traits to become a good leader

traits such as;

  • a sense of right and wrong
  • problem solving skills
  • working with others
  • being a good role model