Diego's trip to Best buy

by: Diego Tarango

Problem number 1

Diego buys an iPhone case that costs 15$ and 4 iTunes gift cards for friends that are equal in value. He ended up paying 95$ in total. How much did each gift card cost?


-15$ -15

0$ 80$


80 ÷4=20


Problem number 2

Diego bought a new TV for 2000$ but hasn't paid for any of it. If Diego pays the minimum payment of 25$ a month. He has to pay at least 2000$ to pay off the TV. How many months with it take Diego to pay off the TV if he pays the minimum payment every month. Write an inequality to find the number of months it will take him to pay off the TV.

2000$≤25x or 2000/25$ ≤ 25x

2000$ ÷25x=80$


Problem number 3

The membership costs 8$ a month at best buy with a 24$ activation fee. The first bill came in and was a total of 48$. How many months has Diego had his membership for?


-24$ -24$


24÷8x= 3


Problem number 4

There are 2 phone plans to chose from at Best buy. Plan A costs 45$ for the phone and 20$ a month. Plan B costs 15$ for the phone but 25$ a month. How many months will the cost's of the plans be the same?

plan a plan b

45+20x 15+25x

45+20x = 15+25x

-15 -15

30+20x = 25x

-20x -20x