The Coliseum Update

Form Your FIT Group!

Back in the Swing of Things!

Batter up! For many of you it's back into the swing of things. For some it's your first time into the batters box and steppin' up to the plate. Either way, you are out of the seats in the stands with a beer in one hand and a dog in the other. You are done simply sitting in the outfield waiting for something to come your way. You are serious and proactive. You are your own coach and are knocking obstacles out of the park!

Monday mornings, or better yet on Friday's, sign up for the group classes of your choice for the entire week! Hit your own commitment buttons.

Swing for the Fence!

How Will You Get FIT for the Spring Semester?

We know you have thought about it. How will you get accountable to your health goals for Q1 of 2014?

And remember "FIT" is not just physical. Whatever your interest, passion and needs, you will find partnership on your journey! Of course will have the Body Pumps and the run groups, but to get completely FIT we have to jump out of the box:

  • Book club
  • Cooking class
  • Eating Clean group
  • Men's focus group
  • Ice Hockey drills
  • Tennis group
  • And others!

All you have to do is form a FIT Group or commit to one.

FIT Group Requirements, Leader Roles and When to Officially Sign Up

The good news is that we are still recruiting FIT Group leaders, people who will commit to leading a group for 12 weeks beginning Jan. 27th.

FIT Group requirements:

  1. They must meet at least one time per week for the entire 12 weeks.
  2. Onsite or offsite.
  3. The criteria for establishing a FIT Group is simply that it fits into our core values, it meets an interest of our people and it doesn’t promote products.
  4. Each FIT Group will have a Team Leader and a co-leader. The leader is the one responsible for motivating and organizing the group, and will commit to the entire 12 weeks. The Team Leader will check-in with Len each week.
  5. Each FIT Group will set 1-3 goals to achieve for their 12 week semester.
  6. Each FIT Group will check into Mindbody software.
  7. Each FIT Group will briefly share their journey / results at the following Wellness Rally.

FIT Group Leader Musts:

  1. You must have a passion and experience for what you lead.
  2. You must become certified- "Certified FIT Group Leader"- please see Len in the Coliseum.
  3. Each FIT Group leader will receive their certificate of certification and special props, and complete a quick weekly scorecard.
  4. You don't have to commit to all 36 weeks, just one semester at a time. The idea is to increase our number of FIT Groups each semester.
  5. Email with your idea for a FIT Group before Thursday of this week.

When to Sign Up:

During the Coliseum open house Jan. 22nd from 10am to 2pm! We will have a commitment board during that time to give your John Hancock.

Coliseum Open House

Wednesday January 22nd - 10am to 2pm

Earn your Coliseum MBO:

  • Measurements, biometrics and objectives.
  • Know your numbers inside and out!
  • Step in for a free evaluation. We will use body tape to record your body measurements. Bring in your biometric numbers if you have them, then set objectives with a certified fitness trainer.


  • We will give away one of every service represented in the Coliseum! Simply drop your name in the box anytime during the open house.

Health Snacks & fruit!

Back to back group fitness classes from 10am to 2pm!

Meet and greet with the team!