ESports a growing community.

(electronic sports)

First Competitions.

In the early 1980's arcade gaming was a big hit amongst the gaming world, much so that some people started competing for high scores and bragging right. But later on in the 80's people started to get serious, people started placing money and saying they'll get the highest score out of all of you guys, and low and behold, atari held its first tournament. The event containing more than 10,000 participants. This was the first organized gaming competition held by a company or group.

Following the 80's into the 90's

The 90's saw in increased popularity of PC gaming. Red Annihilation held a tournament for the first-person-shooter Quake. This event was to be considered to be the first ESports event, the winner of this event received a Ferrari, the car was owned by the lead developer of the game. Just a few weeks after Red Annihilation's tournament the first major gaming league was formed, and was named, The Cyberathlete Professional League.

The rise of the RTS (real time strategy)

At the time the biggest games where the first person shooter genre but as time went on, there was a rise in the RTS scene. RTS games where compared to computerized chess games. With the game Star Craft you could create your own units maned by the computer. These games were strategy based where the FPS games were determined by reflexes and twitching. The height of Star Craft did not reach the popularity of where its at today until after 2000.

2000 to now.

The year 2000 held the worlds first World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup. Both tournaments still being held every year until the year 2013 and in 2014 the CEO of the World Cyber Games announced that the events will never be held again. As for the ESWC they are still going strong. They have had events ever since the start and have not stopped. Boasting a enormous pool of games played at the event. In 2002 the biggest gaming industry was formed, the MLG or Major League Gaming. Having events for all competitive games. The MLG had also televised the first gaming event on TV with the 2006 Halo 2 championship. Today there are no televised gaming events, now they are primarily online and are still watched by the thousands, people still rave about their favorite team people cry over their favorite team, they bandwagon with their favorite players, or they could be loyal fans of the team. But there are many options out there, there are tons and tons of online competitive games. Most games being released today have to have a competitive side.

Marcus "Dyrus" Hill

  • Marcus, or as most people know him, dyrus was a pro top laner for the game league of legends.
  • He was a pro player for 5 years, he decided after worlds 2015 that he would retire and be a permanent streamer.
  • His contract ended on October, 27th, 2015
  • He was known for his ability to be very relaxed during games, especially at worlds.

Popular games now.

The most popular watched games today are the most played games in the world also, from fps games like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty. To the popular RTS category containing League of Legends, DOTA2, Star Craft, and Smite. Counter Strike and DOTA are both owned by the same company, they are no event held by their company, all of their tournaments are third party gaming events. The most popular Counter Strike event is the esl, or ESEA. These are both third party sources that hold online tournaments for pro teams and amature teams. If you wanted to, you and some friends could pay some money every month to play on these third party services, and if and I mean if, if you get highly ranked passed amature there are chances where you could get into the pro series of counter strike. In DOTA, its the same way but its just a different games. Onto Smite and League of Legends. My favorite games of all time, now while i'm in the middle of being between ok and good. They have designed a whole new idea into going proffesional. When you play ranked in the games, youll start to accumulate ELO, and a rank. Your rank is whats on the outside, and your Elo is whats on the inside. Your rank is determined by your ELO. Now when you hit the top rank you are considered challenger. Challenger means not only do pro teams want to look at you but you have a chance to create your own team and do what they call the challenger series. This is where you play against other challenger teams in a season like in any other sport. But at the end of it all, the top 1 or 2 teams get accepted into the pro league. But if they dont they could try again or you could maybe get picked up by a team. All these games are great examples of what ESpors are.
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