Johannes kepler

By- Sarah Allen S3Ra

Pre- 1900

About Johanne Kepler

When Johanne Kepler was young he was quite ill. He had crippled hands and his eyes were permanently impaired

Johannes Kepler started off as a maths teacher, he then went on to be the assistant to astronomer Tycho Brahe. He did work in the field of optics and invented an improved version of the refracting telescope, he then mentioned this to Galileo Galilei who seemed to like this idea.

Dates Of Discoveries

Most of his discoveries were made in the year of 1609.

Discoveries Made

Johannes Kepler discovered and then demonstrated the earth orbit around the sun. Astronomers used to believe that the planets orbited in perfect circles, Johannes also proved this theory was wrong and that they do not move in perfect circles but they move in oval shapes which he called ''flattened circles'' but astronomers call the ellipses.

What Contribution Did This Make To Our Knowledge And Understanding To The Solar System

This helped us see the solar system differently and know that the plants don't travel in an exact circle but close to one. It told us more about our planets.

Technology Used At Time

Technology most commonly used at this time was, telescopes, maths and science.
Johannes Kepler Biography