Ender's Game

By: Orson Scott Card

Character Analysis

Ender- Youngest of the Wiggin family he has the compassion of his sister valentine and the ruthlessness of his brother Peter.

Valentine- Ender's older sister who loves him unconditionally and protects him from peter and helps him go through Battle School.

Peter-Valentine's and Ender's older brother he has all the ruthlessness, which helps him become the leader of the world.

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Protagonist- Ender

Antagonist-Peter and some of the adults in the book

Ender symbolizes good and Peter Symbolizes evil.

Each of their attitudes takes them further away from the past Peter turns out to be the leader of the world mostly because he didn't stop thinking of getting to the top and Ender wins the game and moves on with life but they both change Ender went from a scared little kid to a matured strong and Peter got more evil on the way to being leader.

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