The Life Of Walt Disney

and how he gained fame

Walt Disneys Childhood

Walt Disney was born on December 5th,1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up with one sister and three brothers Ruth, Roy, Raymond, and Herbert. He moved to Marceline Missouri when he was 4. (this is when he was the happiest) Then he moved to Kansas City and became a paperboy for the Kansas City Times.

walt's teenage years

Walt Disney went to McKinley high school and took art classes in the evenings. He became the cartoonist for the high school newspaper. At sixteen he dropped out of high school and drove a ambulance for red cross in France. In 1919 he moved back to Kansas City to pursue his art career.

Walts Animation Career

Walt Disney started creating animations and he teamed up with a man named Ub Iwerks and together they made a company. Walt made short animations that made people laugh called laugh-o-grams. He decided to move to the place where movies we're made... Hollywood.

theme parks

Walt Disney also created three theme parks- all very very famous. He created Disneyland as his first in California. Then he created Disney world as his most famous park. Then he created Epcot as his last park. Both parks are right next to each other too. After he made these parks sadly, he passed away, he smoked his entire life and had a tumor in his left lung. He is still remembered as the man who made dreams come true .