Employee wanted for oval office

Formal Requirements

  1. Must be a natural born citizen
  2. At least 35 years of age
  3. Be a US resident for 14 years

Informal Requirements

  1. Money
  2. Political experience
  3. Good speaker
  4. Tall/good looking


  • Chief of state-the president as ceremonial head of the United States
  • Chief executive-the president as the holder of the executive power of the United States
  • Chief administrator-the president as the leader of the executive branch of the federal government
  • Chief diplomat-the president as the main architect of American foreign policy and the nation's chief spokesperson to other countries
  • Commander in chief-the top person in charge of the nation's armed forces
  • Chief legislator-the president as the main author of public policy
  • Chief of party-the president as the leader of his or her political party
  • Chief of citizen-the president as the representative of all the people