"This Is Africa"

What Is TIA?

TIA is a quote that means that Africa is full of corruption, bloodshed, and anarchy. No one can change this lifestyle that the African people go through.

TIA and African Imperialism

Imperialism is extending a country's power using military power. There are several factions and organizations that use military power to extend their control by taking over defenseless villages. They usually kidnap their children to use as child soldiers.


In the time where slavery was the usual, there were many slaves that came from the west coast of Africa. The natives of Africa were easy targets because they were used to hard labor, different tribes didn't speak the same language or speak English, and it is the closest side of Africa to the U.S and Europe.


Genocide is the killing of a large group of people, done on purpose. The several insurgent groups kill tons of innocent people in order to show fear and power, which are two big factors in their success.

Blood Diamonds

A conflict diamond, also known as a blood diamond is a diamond that is mined in an area that is controlled by insurgent forces, they are sold so that the insurgent forces can buy more weapons and resources for their own personal gain.