The 7th Grade Skinny

October 19th

Quote of the Week

"Do I have to volunteer for a shift at the harvest festival? If it isn't optional, should it be called 'volunteer'?" A 7th grade student

Thank you for your candid feedback.

Giving Bank Driver of the Year Award goes to:

The Driver who:

  • Parks right at 8am at the front of the school.
  • Meets us in the front office. (Students going to the giving bank are excused from morning prayer.)
  • Brings his or her license and insurance information for the front office to photocopy!
  • Makes sure to grab the emergency forms which stay in your car during the duration of the service.
  • Returns the emergency forms when returning students.

This just in: Harvest Festival might not be a million degrees like it usually is!

Here's hoping! In another Harvest Festival news: The MJS annual Harvest Festival is scheduled for October 30th form 12-3pm. 7th graders will be volunteering for two 45 minute shifts. The execution of a great Harvest Festival is dependent on the 7th graders help! If you know your 7th grader is not going to be here, please have him or her bring a note to Nicole Sanders by Tuesday, October 20th.

7th graders are also asked to stay after the Harvest Festival to help 8th graders clean up. Plan on students being allowed to leave between 4 and 4:30, pending when we are done. This is also required of every 7th grader. In order for a student to be excused early from the Harvest Festival please send a note with your 7th grader by October 20th.

7th grade is in charge of bringing cans of light-colored sodas (Sprite, 7-up, Sierra Mist...) which will be sold during the Harvest Festival. Please send these with your 7th grader as soon as you can!

Thank you for helping teach our 7th graders responsibility!

That moment when you signed up for conferences and you don't know what to expect! READ THIS:

  • Check all subject area grades on Schoology before your meeting. This will help you to see which teachers you really need to conference with and what you want to discuss.

  • If you feel like you do not need to meet with a specific teacher at this time, please cancel your appointment online so that meeting time will become available to others.

  • Be on time! We only have 10 minutes and teachers are all expected to have a timer set to keep the conferences on track. If you need more time, don't hesitate to contact that teacher to schedule a longer conference.

  • Bring your 7th grader! Students are expected to play a major role in the conferences.

  • We are a team! We look forward to a great partnership with you this year.

Word of the Day: Mayspert

Definition: MJS parent and 7th grader who know's what's up

  • Monday, October 19th: Football and Volleyball Tournaments 4pm

  • Wednesday October 21st and Thursday October 22nd: Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Friday, October 21st: Sports Day Spirit Day: Students may wear ANY sports colors or any sport uniform. Bring in gently used sports equipment to MJS School Families to support Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Next week carpool: Sanders

Giving Bank Monday October 19th: Donaldson Group 1: Sophia Gonzalez, Katie Huntsman, Ryan Lo, Chloe Powell, Elliot Eaton, Diego Guerrero. Drivers: Victoria Eaton and Cristina Perez Gonzalez

Giving bank schedule

Repeat After Me

"I am one year older".....

The 2015 book fair is already upon us! Mark your calendars! November 12th-19th marks this year's Book Fair! Students can join the competition for the best bookmark, which kicks off October 20th!

Bookmark Competition Guidelines

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