Welcome to OHS Cosmetology.

Instructor: Mrs. Arnaz Dotivala

Facts about the Osbourn Cosmetology Program

Two year, 6 credit program. At the end of the program, students are prepared to take the state cosmetology licensing exam. Students immerse themselves in theory and practical work during the two years and learn about hair, nails, skin, business, anatomy, chemistry, and soft skills, to become salon professionals. Students are encouraged to participate in community service, join the SkillsUSA club and the National Technical Honor Society. National and State Winners. The school based salon welcomes guests to receive salon services on Fridays.
May I walk-in, to receive services?
  • No, we are a learning lab and students have various learning activities during the day. We prefer to serve our guests on specific days and times so that our students are ready to perform the salon service to the best of their ability.

Will the students mess up my salon service?

  • The students work under the direct supervision of the licensed instructor. If you feel uncomfortable during any part of the service, please communicate it immediately with the instructor.

Will the service take as long as a salon service?

  • Our students are still learning and therefore, take extra time. Please make sure you have enough time to spare, when you make an appointment.

What products do you use in your school salon?

  • We use professional brand of products which include Wella, Redken, Rusk, and Matrix.
  • We are now a Dermalogica Partner School and will use only Dermalogica professional products for all skin care.
  • We use Satin Smooth professional waxing system.

Should I tip the students?

  • Our students have not completed their cosmetology program nor are they licensed yet. We appreciate you for volunteering your time and you do not need to tip the students.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Project Based Learning

Recently, students in 1st and 2nd year completed the Fantasy Mannequin Project. Students were taught the basics of hairstyling and then asked to create a fantasy look. The students chose a theme, created the hair and makeup, created a visual presentation, added a theme write up, and presented it to their peers. More information coming soon.

Other projects are below.

Cosmetology students also invited Ms. Stanton's students and did presentations on Hair, Nails, and Skin care for them. Our guests received salon services after the presentations.

Cosmetology Classroom Activities

Cosmetology 1 students are working on their styling skills and are learning about Hair Analysis and consultation skills. First quarter, students created and presented "Who am I?", "History of Cosmetology", "short and long term personal goals".

Cosmetology 2 students are currently learning about Chemical Texture Services which includes properties of hair and scalp, Chemical composition of hair, types of chemicals, their pH and effects, Chemical Reactions such as Reduction, Oxidation, and Lanthionization, and safety during Chemical Texture Services. Students created and presented, "Properties of Hair and Scalp" which included the structure of hair shaft, hair root, chemical composition of hair, and diseases and disorders of hair and scalp. Cosmetology students presented to the Intro to Health and Medical Science students.

Certified in Salon Decontamination Practices

Cosmetology 2 students completed their Barbicide and Covid-19 Certifications as a final exit ticket from the Decontamination and Infection Control Chapter. Students learned about types of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Parasites, their symptoms, and the methods of preventing their spread.
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Cosmetology 1 History of Cosmetology Projects

Click here to view student projects.

Cosmetology 2- Properties of Hair and Scalp Projects

Click here to view student projects and the grading rubric.

State Cosmetology Licenses

During the Pandemic, the process for appearing for the theory and practical state licensing exams was interrupted. Students took their theory exam first and now started appearing for their practical exam.

Congratulations to Janae Thornton, Jocelyn Reyes, Claudia Manzanarez, and Leticia Vera Hernandez for passing the theory and practical state exam and becoming Licensed Cosmetologists.

Students who have passed their theory exam and are waiting to take their practical exam are Kaylee Reyna, Anya Neiss, Grisel Barragan, Jennifer Mendoza, Jocelyn Celis-Silva, Sam Pessoa, Sharon Goana-Penaloza, and Stephanie Hernandez-Lopez.

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