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Inside This Special Issue

  1. What's This Special Issue All About??
  2. Grades, More Than Just a Letter!!
  3. The Mystery of The Course Grade
  4. Progress Tracker, That Smart Little Window


What's this special issue all about??

Lately several students and parents have been asking us the same types of questions. So to better help all our students and parents, we decided to create a special newsletter to help answer these questions. The majority of the questions that our Student Achievement Coordinators and counselors receive all center around grades, progress, and course credit. So this newsletter will focus on explaining these topics better and hopefully helping our students and parents better understand their courses and High School credits.


Grades, more than a letter!!

One of the most common questions and misunderstandings comes from Grades. A students Grade is based on the work the student has completed at that point in time. So basically it covers all the work they have turned in so far. It is easy to become confused when most schools use both a number and lettering system for grades. Here is the basic breakdown for number grades translated into letter grades.

  • 100-90 is an 'A'
  • 89-80 is a 'B'
  • 79-70 is a 'C'
  • 69-60 is a 'D'
  • 59-0 is an 'F'

Below is an image of the Student Dashboard and where you can see the student Grades (Circled in Red)

Big image


The mystery of the course grade

Along with the grade, there is something called the Course Grade. This is the students grade for the work they have completed and for the work remaining or missing. The remaining and missing assignments are calculated as zero's when being factored into the course grade. This doesn't mean the student actually earned a zero for those assignments, the course grade is simply showing what they students grade would be if they didn't complete the remaining or missing assignments.

Below is an image of the progress tracker, where you can see the Course Grade (circled in red)
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Expected Progress

Percent Complete

Percent Complete

Days Remaining

Term End Date


Progress Tracker, that smart little window

Most students seem to quickly close the progress tracker without really paying attention to what all it has to say. There is actually a lot of good information included on the progress tracker. You can find all of the following information on the progress tracker.

  • Grade
  • Course Grade
  • Attendance
  • Days Remaining
  • Term End date
  • Current Progress
  • Expected Progress
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Progress Report, All you need to know

The progress report is a nice tool that will show you all the information you will need to know about your classes.
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Parent Portal Orientation

Everything you need to know to ensure your student's success