Chromium Polynicotinate

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Know the advantages of using chromium polynicotinate supplement

If you are in the search of the natural treatment for diabetes then over here you will get some interesting information. Chromium polynicotinate which first came in the America aging association conference in 1992 is known to have the materials that can help in lowering the blood sugar levels. If you are thinking that what is the connection between the chromate and diabetes then keep on reading this article.

Understand the importance of chromium in a diet

Lack of chromium in American diet

Are you aware of this thing that 90% of Americans do not make use of the sufficient chromium? The diet which you intake gives your body with just 25-33 mcg of chromium, which is only 50% what your body demands. From the research this has been recommended that if a person is suffering from diabetes then the intake of the chromium should increase to 500-1000 mcg, and they will notice the significant reduction in their blood sugar levels as well as in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Link between chromium polynicotinate and diabetes

According to US medical department chromium is considered as an important ingredient of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) molecule that our body needs in order to have the proper functioning of all metabolic processes. The GTF molecule is an essential part of the insulin secreted by our pancreas.

According to experts if enough consumption of the chromium will be there then your insulin is better equipped to process sugar and control blood sugar levels. If there is high chromium in blood stream then the chances of developing insulin confrontation will be less. From the study carried out on the 60 patients who are suffering from diabetes this has been found that intake of 1000mcg of chromium on daily basis boosts glucose tolerance, increases glucose levels and lower downs triglyceride levels.

Chromium polynicotinate is considered as the most active parts of GTF that helps in linking insulin to the cell membrane. If GTF is not present then insulin would be of no use. Chromates increment the biological activities of insulin, which results in increasing carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism. Chromates play the role of hunger suppressants and reduce carbohydrates and sugar desire and this leads to increase in the levels of glycogen in the liver.

Let me tell you another interesting part of the chromium polynicotinate and diabetes is that chromium is not easily absorbed by our body like other minerals such as iron and selenium. When the age of the person increases the ability of the body to absorb and convert the mineral into active form gets reduce. Addition to it the body starts losing these minerals when the person suffers from stress and anxiety or diabetes.

If you are sufferer of diabetes then it is suggested to make use of the 200 mcg chromium supplement in order to overcome the problem.

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