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The Newsletter of OECHS --January 21, 2022

OECHS Placement Testing Cancelled

With freezing rain and possible snow, our placement testing has been cancelled this weekend for prospective Owls. Our test takers need to go to the OECHS website and sign up for another testing session. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want ensure everyone's safety!

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Drivers Education Class February 2nd--24th* (Dates have pushed back by one day)

The next Drivers Education class is starting up and we just got word that the dates for the class have shifted back by one day! The class now runs from February 2nd through February 24th. There will be no class on February 11th. Students need to be at least 14.5 years old to take the course.

Students can sign up for Drivers Education in the OECHS office or parents can call the office at 910-938-6702. Space is limited to the first 25 students!

National Honor Society

37 sophomores and juniors received an email inviting them to apply for National Honor Society membership. Students are eligible to apply if their unweighted GPA is a 3.5 or higher. Applications are due by February 24th to Mrs. Walsh. Students will be notified in early March if they have been accepted and a ceremony will be held later this semester.

OECHS Graduation: May 13th, 2022

Although we still need to get through one more semester of classes, it is never too early to prepare for graduation. Seniors have been asked several times to submit their sizes for t-shirts and cap/gowns so they can be ordered. We still have many who have not completed this task and we need to order those items now! Seniors need to go to Teams and click the link in this week's seminar so we can get those items ordered.

Thanks to our friends at White Oak High School, we have a venue for our graduation ceremony. We will hold our graduation in the Earl Taylor Performing Arts Center at 7:00PM on May 13th. Since it is indoors, we will not have to contend with weather. The tradeoff is that we will issue tickets. Luckily, we have the smallest graduating class in the county and there should be plenty of room for everyone. Let's finish strong and have a great sendoff for our Owls!

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Junior and Senior Seminar

Juniors: As I need to travel out of town for a funeral, there will be no seminar this week. Continue to prep for the ACT! You have access to many practice exams in the Seminar Team!

Seniors: As I need to travel out of town for a funeral, there will be no seminar this week. Keep applying for scholarships! As you receive financial aid (scholarships and grants), please email Mrs. Whitehurst ( with the details.


English II Honors:

(Ms. Meyer)- This week, we began our study of Unit 2: Epics of the World. We first examined the famous Epic of Gilgamesh and discussed elements of the Hero’s Journey. We will reexamine this next week when read the classic epic poem Beowulf. We also studied excerpts from India’s Ramayana. We will continue our study of the Ramayana next week. Students were also assigned their first essay of the semester – the Expository Essay on Early Writings & Culture, which is due Fri. Feb. 4th. There will be a test on Unit 2 next Friday, the 28th. ⛄❄

(Mrs. Huggins)-This week, students were introduced to their first formal writing assignment, the expository essay. They reviewed how to search databases for good sources, using keywords in their search terms, and analyzing sources for relevance and usefulness. They also began their study of Unit 2, Epics of the World. They explored the Mesopotamian epic, Gilgamesh, and began the Indian epic, the Ramayana. They will continue to study epics as we move into next week, with their first graded peer review on Feb 3, and their final essay due Feb 4 at 11:59 p.m.

English III Honors (American Studies)--Mrs. Huggins: This week, students continued their study of realism with the Progressive movement in American literature. This included an analysis of primary source texts, and an introduction to Upton Sinclair's controversial look at the effects of urban poverty in Chicago's meatpacking industry in the novel The Jungle. Students continue to work on their literature reviews, and synthesizing their source material in a cohesive essay. Their final drafts of these are due Feb 10, with a peer review on Feb 9.

Social Studies

Civics Honors (Mr. Marsh)- We completed our study of Chapter 9: Political Parties & Politics. After their Chapter 9 test on Thursday, students had a “Success 101” video assignment (“Things that do not help you get into college”). This information should be added to their notebook to be checked at a later date. Next week students will take a political party survey where they will answer questions to determine their respective political party affiliations and which candidates they most align with on current issues. We will have several assignments that will be generated from this information along with class discussion.

AP World History (Mrs. Knox)- We finished up our study of Unit Six this week with our test this past Wednesday. We are taking a short break before moving on to Unit Seven to work on our DBQ writing (Document Based Question) for the AP Exam in the spring.

American History Honors (American Studies)--Mrs. Knox: On the history side of American Studies this week we have focused on immigration to the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We completed a SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) based on how immigration has shaped and defined the United States throughout its history. Next, we will move into the Progressive Era and focus on the reform movements that defined much of the early 20th century.


Biology Honors (Mr. Springfield)-This week in Honors Biology the students were introduced to the cell. Next week we will go over cellular energy, with the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration and conclude the week with a Microscope and Cell lab on Friday.

Chemistry Honors (Mr. Stallard)- We are working on finishing up Unit 2 in Chem. Students have an online lab that has been assigned to replace our lab we were going to do tomorrow. It is due on Wednesday Jan 26. Our Unit 2 Test is also scheduled for Wednesday Jan 26.

AP Environmental Science (Mr. Stallard)- We are working on finishing Unit 6. Students have their Unit 6 Test scheduled for Thursday Jan 27. We will begin Unit 7 Air Pollution on Friday Jan 28.


Math III Honors (Mrs. Walsh)- Students have an ALEKS assignment due by 4:30pm on Sunday. Next week the Unit 2 quiz will now be on Tuesday. Students will learn how to analyze graphs of polynomial functions as well as solve polynomial equations Wednesday – Friday. There will be a deltamath assignment due Thursday and another ALEKS assignment due next Sunday.

Precalculus Honors (Mr. Walsh)-We will continue working on Unit 2 next week. Early in the week we will cover Polynomial Functions, Dividing Polynomials, and Complex Numbers. Later in the week students will put the previously learned material to use and move on to Solving Polynomial Equations of Degree Greater than Two.

Key Dates

February 2nd-Drivers Ed Begins (No class on 2/11/22)

February 11th- OECHS Workday (no school for 9th and 10th graders)

February 24th-Drivers Ed Ends

February 26th- OECHS Dance (sponsored by SGA)

March 1st and 2nd- ACT (11th Grade)

March 3rd-6th- Senior Trip?

March 4th- OECHS Workday (no school for 9th and 10th graders)

March 4th-6th- No Homework Weekend (9th and 10th grade)

March 5th- Kay B. Gresham Rotary Academic Challenge

April 8th- Day of Awesomeness

April 11th-15th- Spring Break

April 18th- OECHS Workday (no school for 9th and 10th graders)

April 23rd- Prom

May 13th- OECHS Graduation@WOHS

May 14th- CCCC Graduation

May 17th-May 20th- High School Exams