Activity #3: Caitlyn Ching


True Definition

Abolitionist: a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, esp. capital punishment or (formerly) slavery.

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In my Own Words

Abolitionist: Doing away with or the state of being done

William Lloyd Garrison

  • The Editor of the Abolitionist Newspaper
  • "Immediate Emancipation" of slaves, Also very passionate about the Woman Suffrage Movement
  • Co-Founder of the American anti- Slavery Society
  • The Editor of the Abolitionist Newspaper
  • Land based the Constitution for Permitting Slavery to Exist

Sojourner Truth

I am an African- American abolitionist and woman's rights activist. I was born into the slave lifestyle but escaped with my daughter to freedom in 1826. I was also the first black woman to win a case against a white man. I was trying to gain freedom for my son. I helped recruit black troops for the Union army. I was unsuccessful but tried to secure land from the government for former slaves after the Civil war.

Frederick Douglas

  • He escaped slavery himself
  • Belieft in the Equality of all People
  • Participant in the American Anti- Slavery Society
  • Anti Slavery Writing and Public Speaking
  • He argued against slaveholders’ arguments where they proposed that slaves did not have intellectual capacity to function as American citizens

David Walker

I am an outspoken African-American abolitionist and anti-slavery activist. I am most known for my writing called An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World. This is where I called for all blacks to join in unity and self-help in the fight against injustice. From this writing I have brought attention to the unfairness of slavery and the role of individuals to act responsibly for racial equality. With others viewing my opinions, I believe I am inspiring other slaves.