So How About Some March Madness??

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It's March and there is a lot of MADNESS going on...

March is our 3rd biggest selling month of the year (after November and December) because people are officially ready to SHOP!!! The first day of Spring is March 20th and that means that warmer weather is just around the corner, spring breaks are getting close, and everyone is just happier and ready to have some fun!! The ladies are shedding the winter layers and getting their spring wardrobes up-to-date and that's where we come in!!!

So, whether you're a brand new Stylist or a seasoned pro, NOW is the time to ramp up your business and get your game on!

Speaking of games, March is known for the NCAA basketball tournament - the road to the final 4 and THE national championship. Who wants a little competition to up the anti and make it FUN??? How about a little March Madness?? Well we divide everyone up into 4 teams based on your upline STAR and DIRECTOR. The team with the biggest increase in % of trunk shows WINS!!! You will win bragging rights and a full calendar. What you do now will set you up for an amazing spring season! You will get lots of ideas and we will do fun flash incentives on the way!

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Team 1: Cox's Foxes- made up of the downlines of Kelly Cox, Jodie Strum, Kate Railsback, Reagan Montgomery, Annie Brinker, Sonia Henderson, Karla Dofflemeyer, Katie Larson, Chrissie Scott, Lyric Hassler and Donne Railsback.

Team 2: made up of the downlines of Donna Naylor, Lisa Tyler, Jessica Sigler, Annie Grewe, Lyla Prather, Candita Choffy, Morgan Lyon, Shauna Hall, Kerstin Engel, and Brooke Benoit.

Team 3: Bubbling Bombshells: downlines of Amanda McDanel, Christine Swartz, Joy Johnson, Kianna Wade, Leslie Cumbow, Katie Henze, Leisel Lancaster, Ashley Ryan, Megan Barone, Tara Bohm, and Jena Green.

Team 4: Stella's Slam Dunkers: downlines of Julie Canellos, Kim Jones, Sam Tunador, Barbara Ellis, Karla Brown, Mary Abate, Katie Kathman, April Linkins, Abi Bennett-Davies, Barbie Brooks, Felicia Kettler, Jen Dix, Maggie Harris, Liz Mamana, Jessa Helm, Angela DiManna, and Karen Owczarski.

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We are going to be tracking all March trunk shows. Your goal is to book your hearts out over the next two weeks. You have until the end of the month!

There will be flash incentives, giveaways, and final prizes. We'll give tips and training to help you book up your March calendars. We are sure that you are going to book April shows in the process but this contest is all about Booking in Tight so highlight the rest of your March calendar and start there.....but booking up April will be a residual effect! Good luck!!!!

Love the quote above because you will get No's, but that is the only way you can get to the yes's!

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XO, Kelly

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