Chapter 1 Summary

What do I need to know from Chapter 1?

Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

* Inductive reasoning – from specific example to arriving at a general conclusion (HYPOTHESES)

* Deductive reasoning – proving a specific conclusion from general statements (THEOREM)

3-minute video explaining the difference:

Review your 1.1 homework and see

Estimation, Graphs, and Mathematical Modeling

* Rounding (see page 15) – digits to the right of the “rounding place” are dropped

More help with rounding

* Estimation is used to arrive at an approximate answer by using rounding and simplified arithmetic

* interpreting circle, line, bar graphs

Review your 1.2 homework and see

Four Step Problem Solving

* Watch the “Check Point” videos in MyMathLab. Go to Multimedia Library, choose Chapter 1, section 3, and click “video” then “find now”.

Review your 1.3 homework and see

On page 45 in your e-textbook, take the Chapter 1 Test. Each question has a video camera icon on the left where you can see the problem worked out after you try it.