Leap Into Literacy: Grade 1


Writing Reviews

First graders will dive into opinion writing in Unit 3 of Writing Workshop: Writing Reviews. In this exciting unit of study, students will focus on the power and purpose of writing while creating reviews of toys, food, games, sports, and ultimately books!

Teachers can prepare students for developing and supporting their opinions by reading mentor texts with strong persuasive voices. Take a look at the image below of recommended literature for mentor text selection.

Teachers may also consider offering students opportunities to take positions and have debates about topics. Use the list of topics below to inspire class discussions, debates, and partner talk.

Readers Get to Know Characters by Performing Their Books

This If...Then... unit gives readers the chance to become best friends with their favorite characters! Readers identify feelings using meaning and story structure.

You will want to consider students who have not moved on to D/E books and be sure the focus stays on word solving and using meaning, syntax, and print to figure out unknown words.

A Summary of Bends in the Road for the Unit

  • Bend 1: Readers Have Ways to Get to Know a Character - think of them as friends for life! Pay attention to their feelings as well as other story elements to get to know characters.

  • Bend 2: Partners Pretend They Are Characters and Perform Books in Clubs to Become Character Experts - role playing in partnerships and then in book clubs. Readers will dramatize stories to extend their thinking about the characters.

  • Bend 3: Giving the Gift of Reading - Readers prepare a read-aloud to celebrate.

Big picture

Readers' Theater

Readers’ Theater gives students the opportunity to have fun playing the part of a character while becoming more fluent and expressive readers. Check out this list of leveled scripts from Reading A-Z!