Jan. 5th. Vol. 17

Checking in

As we start the second semester, I wanted check in with our families. First, we are printing this week's newsletter to ensure that everyone is getting the information they need. Please SEND BACK the attached form so that we can update our records. Second, a few reminders: 1) Students should be bringing a charged device AND charging cord to school each day. 2) ALL students need earbuds/headphones to use in class. 3) Students are expected to be writing in planners in each of their STEM classes. We appreciate your continued support of these procedures.

Mark Your Calendars

Come join GMS staff and counselors in the Cafeteria on Tuesday, January 13th from 6:30 to 7:30. We have designed an evening to inform 6th grade parents of 7th grade academic needs in preparation for course selection in the spring. This is an evening designated for students and parents to learn about the elective options for 7th grade. (Yes, we are ALREADY talking about next year!)

Content Connections-

We are excited to be back for a great second semester!

Science- Space exploration

Math- Integers

Language Arts- STEM Careers Research

Social Studies- Sub Saharan Africa

Report Cards will be available on Thursday!

Supplies for Science!

Students will be working on several design challenges in science during the coming weeks. There are several household items we will need. Please save and send these to school as they become available:

- empty egg cartons (cardboard and styrofoam)

- shoe boxes

- paper towel tubes

- toilet paper tubes

- empty tissue boxes

- empty water bottles (12-16.9oz)

Students can bring them to Mrs. Nutt's room. Thanks! I appreciate your help!