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First Grade Newsletter

Purchase Field Trip Ticket

Please click on the link below to purchase your child's field trip ticket. The ticket costs $11 and is due by February 9th.

Chaperone Field Trip Ticket

If you would like to chaperone for the field trip, please let your child's teacher know! Here is the discounted chaperone ticket link to purchase your adult/chaperone ticket. If you would like to chaperone you MUST be on the approved CISD volunteer list.

Discounted Chaperone Ticket:

CISD Volunteer Program Link:

Winter Apparel

Parents, all clothing left in lost and found on Feb. 7th, will be donated to charity. If you would like to take a look, please visit the cafeteria lost and found or watch the video below entitled "Take Me Please".

Take Me Please

Calling All Passengers!!! JES Airways Flight 76092 is about to board!

January 27, 2020


JES Cafeteria

The Johnson Elementary School Diversity Council is hosting the ffirst annual multicultural event called JES AIRWAYS FLIGHT 76092 - Around the World in 90 Minutes.

We want to give our kids a chance to explore the world right here within the walls of our school! Please sign up to help sponsor a table and share the games, toys, crafts, food, clothing, and decor of a country or culture.

Here is the link to sign up:

This is an all-inclusive event, and we are hoping to have tables from all over the world: whether near or far; north, south, east, or west. This is your passport to see it all!

No Device Policy

Remember that Carroll ISD has a no device policy for grades K-6. All devices, including smart watches, must be either left at home or kept in the student's backpack or cubby at all times. Please read here for complete information about our district policy.

CISD Mental Health and Wellness Newsletter

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Six Flags Read to Succeed!

Your child brought home a Six Flags Read to Succeed Reading Log. This year is different from years past. You will register your child by going to and typing in your child's teacher code (on the reading log). You will keep track of your child's reading on the log and then record it on the website. If your child reads 6 hours (360 minutes) by March 31, they will receive a ticket to Six Flags in May.

Please No Pokemon/Toys At School

Please make sure that your child is not bringing toys or Pokemon Cards to school. Please keep these things at home. Thank you for your help with this!

A Special Note About Dismissal from the Office

Student safety is a top priority at JES. In order to ensure safety at dismissal, ALL vehicles must have the official JES sign displayed in the window with the student’s name and grade level. I realize there are times when rental cars are needed or grandparents and friends are picking up students; however, the dismissal rule does not change. If there is no sign, you will be asked to drive to the front office and retrieve your student. I apologize for the inconvenience, but safety is important and we feel the inconvenience is worth itJ Thank you for understanding.


As we head into the unpredictable Texas Autumn, please keep an eye on the weather forecast. We have 2 recesses: 9:15 and 12:45. Even if the weather will be nice that day, the morning recess can still be chilly. Please bring a jacket!

Snack Time

Please note some important information regarding our snack time in the classroom:

Please only send CLEAN, EASY TO EAT snacks. These snacks are sometimes consumed while we are working, so foods that require spoons or forks can be difficult to eat. Finger foods work best.

We only have 10-15 minutes for snack, so please only send enough for your child to eat in this time frame.

We can ONLY DRINK WATER in the classroom. Yogurt drinks, protein milk, Gatorade, juice, etc. will be enjoyed during lunch time in the cafeteria.

Please make sure the snacks are HEALTHY.

JES is an allergy aware campus. This means that NO NUTS OF ANY KIND or PEANUT BUTTER may be consumed in the classroom. Please do not bring snacks that contain peanuts or nuts for snack. These snacks can be eaten in the cafeteria.


KJES Announcements

Want to see what goes on in our morning announcements? Check us out:

Lunch Visitors

Our lunch time is 12:15. Visitors are always welcome during lunch. If you join your child for lunch, we have a special guest table for you and your child to enjoy time together. Unfortunately due to student allergies and related privacy policies, only your child will be able to join you at this table; friends will remain at their assigned lunch tables.

Recess Visitor Policy

Recess is an important part of children learning how to interact socially and play together. We ask that parents and guests please limit their visits to the lunchroom and not escort their children to recess. Please allow your child this time to interact and play with their peers.

Dismissal Information

● In order to pick up students from the car line or walkers area, parents must show identification.

○ Official car signs must be displayed in the car window during pick-up time.

○ Official JES key tag must be shown with the child’s name on the back of the tag to pick up students who go home as a walker or bike rider.

○ Families without these official forms of identification must go directly to the office.

● Changes in transportation must be communicated to the front office by calling 817-949-4500 or emailing NO LATER THAN 2:00.

DO NOT contact the classroom teacher with these changes.

In the car line, please keep your child's name visible until your child is in the car.

● The cut-off time for change in transportation is 2:00 pm.

The cut-off time for early dismissal is 2:30.

Thank you for your cooperation in getting all our students home safely and efficiently.

This Week's Focus

Language Arts: Author's Purpose

Math: Time & Measurement

Science: Seasons & Weather

Social Studies: Historical Figures

Happy Birthday Dragon

Your child’s birthday is special! We celebrate student birthdays on morning announcements and with a birthday pencil and coupon for free ice cream at the Ice Cream Place. Carroll ISD also offers you the option of providing allergy-compliant birthday snacks through the JES Café. Please click here for more information (including treat options). Remember to place your order at least one week in advance.