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What is Mobile Learning? What are some of the tools of ML?

Mobile learning is an increasing technology phenomenon that is spreading world wide by astronomical changes and capabilities of mobile devices in which a large part of learning is being done by using these devices. Students use their mobile phones to blog, research, social connect, YouTube, browse, and the list goes on. Prensky assures the public that students can learn anything by using a cell phone. Students can use this growing epidemic for multiple ways of learning such as: exploring teachings and practices, using student-centered learning lessons, being more engaged by being allowed to use their own devices which are sometimes restricted, and so on. Mobile Learning is considered to be done through using not only cell phones but also wireless devices such as Ipads, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and PCs. Tools that help improve Mobile Learning are cameras built into phones, the fast speed internet connection, WiFi capability, microphones, wireless allowance of printing, instant e-mail notification, and apps that can be used for anything and everything from Face to Face meeting or converting measurements, or even pod casting.
Mobile Learning in the Classroom

Mobile Learning in ED 5670 by creators : Andrea Wong and Kaitlyn Vredenburgh

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