Culture Of Rome vs U.S.

Differences between Citizenship, Law & Justice

In Rome Citizenship belonged to free law abiding white people, but now it has changed from that in the U.S. Roman citizens rights were only able to vote hold ,official offices (civil and government) ,and own property and white contracts. Now thats improved over the years. Although in Rome not all the citizens/slave had equal rights, Free white male citizens enjoyed all of the rights, Women had limited rights (no voting or government offices) and their rights depended on their husband if they're married (such as if he was a slave or not) ,Slaves were property with almost no rights ( small chances for freedom), Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights. Now in the U.S. Americans all have equal rights, women now have more rights than back then, now slaves are illegal to own, but in certain places they can still be owned. Romans had to follow laws that were Focused on: marriage, inheritance , contracts between people, and Laws were written. Some of these laws were changed a little now in the U.S.. Natural laws giving every citizen rights connected to life, liberty , and persuit of happiness. Judges made court decisions from trials and evidence.

Roman punishments fit the crime committed such as: fines (pay money), beatings, banishment (have to leave;exiled), Slavery, execution if guilty of treason, Slaves were beaten, given harder work, or often crucified. Now in the U.S. some of these punsihments have changed or have been gotten rid of, such as the beatings, given harder work, and the crucification. So basically the laws, rights, law, and punishments the Romans originally created were later changed throughout the years,and even now they are still changing a little.