PACE Newsletter

Week of September 21st-25th

Dear PACE Parents,

This week was our final leadership lesson. The first part of the lesson we discussed our upcoming community service project, “Socktober”. We brainstormed ideas on how we could promote this idea. We also worked on teambuilding with a building challenge. The students had to build a “shelter” using newspapers, tape and trash bags without being able to talk!

Once again, I am promoting the PTA Reflections program. The theme for this year is Let Your Imagination Fly. For information on the contest visit the website: . There are 6 categories: visual arts (creating a picture), literature (write a story or poem), photography, film production, musical composition, and dance choreography. Our PTA does an incredible job helping our school, so it’s our way of supporting them.

Have a great week,

Meg Farley

HOMEWORK-(Choose one!)

Make one (or more!!!) projects for Reflections. There are 6 categories! (See rules for each category below).

You can earn $20 PACE bucks for each project that you enter in the contest. Some projects will take longer to create, so the students may need to work on these the next few weeks. The due date for entering the Reflections contest is October 23. The theme is Let Your Imagination Fly.


Create a picture using only dots like George Seurat.


Design a new shelter using the same things we used in class-newspapers, trash bags and tape. Draw it or build it and take a picture to show the class!!

PTA Reflections Contest Categories

  • Literature. Accepted forms of fiction and nonfiction include: Prose, poetry, drama (screen play and play script), reflective essay, narrative, and short story. Entry must not exceed 2,000 words and must be handwritten or typed; one side only. Students for whom English is not their first language may submit literature entries in their own language. An interpretive translation in English must accompany the entry. Accepted formats include: Single-sided print on 8 ½ x 11 paper, or PDF (.pdf) file format.

  • Visual Arts. Accepted forms include: original print, drawing, painting, collage (cut and pasted materials such as clippings and photos), metal etching or punch work, fiber work or computer-generated artwork .Framed entries not accepted. Paper entries must be mounted on sturdy material. Art work (including matting) must not exceed 24x30 inches.

  • Music Composition. All instruments, sounds, styles and combinations are accepted. Copyrighted material is prohibited. The composer may be the performer, or one of the performers, but does not have to be. Audio recording must not exceed 5 minutes. Accepted file formats include: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, ACC (M4A) and FLAC formats. Music videos are not accepted.

  • Photography. Accepted forms of photography include: A single photo, panoramic, photomontage (one seamless print of multiple original photos), a multiple exposure, negative sandwich or photogram. Original black-and-white and color images are accepted. Entrant must be the one to take the photograph. Must be mounted or matted on cardboard mat, poster board, or other sturdy material. Accepted formats include: Matted print, or digital image (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp). Photography (including matting) must not exceed 8 ½ x 4 inches.

  • Dance Choreography. Accepted styles include solo/ensemble: Ballet, contemporary, ethnic and folk, hip hop, jazz and tap. The choreographer may be the performer, or one of the performers, but does not have to be. Video recording must not exceed 5 minutes and must be less than 1GB (one gigabyte) in file size. Accepted file formats include: AVI, Quicktime (.mov), MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4), Windows Media (.wmv), and Flash Video (.flv, .f4v).

  • Film Production. Accepted forms include: Animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, or a media presentation (powerpoint is prohibited). Entrant must be the director, screenwriter, and camera person including all story boarding and editing. Video recording must not exceed 5 minutes and must be less than 1GB (one gigabyte) in file size. Accepted file formats include: AVI, Quicktime (.mov), MPEG (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4), Windows Media (.wmv), and Flash Video (.flv, .f4v).

Shelter activity


Upcoming events and opportunities

Red Steagall Youth Poetry Contest

For the past 25 years, Red Steagall has hosted a Cowboy gathering in the Fort Worth Stockyards in the fall. One part of this gathering is the youth poetry contest. If your child is interested in entering the contest with some cowboy poetry, then use the link below. A student from Gililland Elementary made it into the top ten in the area last year and was invited to the gathering to share her poem.

Use the link below for the contest entry form:

GEMSS--Gifted Eagle-Mountain Saginaw Students

GEMSS is an organization of parents, educators, and others who are concerned with supporting and creating expanding opportunities for the education of gifted and talented students of all ages and their families. GEMSS supports and encourages the development of such programs, both within the public schools and as extra-curricular activities utilizing community and individual resources.

Contact Mrs. Farley if you would like to receive a membership form.

"Hope for the Future: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners".

On Oct 29th from 7:00-8:30 pm, Tracy Weinberg with TAGT (Texas Association for Gifted and Talented) will be a guest speaker in our district. Thank you so much to the GEMSS (Gifted Eagle-Mountain/Saginaw Students) parent group for providing this great opportunity. The location is being finalized and I will send out reminders as this event approaches.
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