Digital Writing

online activities for students

Need new ideas to get students writing?

Explore these online activities to find fun ways for students to write and publish their work. These are all internet based and can be done at school or at home. There are so many possibilities to help students be on their way to becoming successful writers!

**These sites were active as of January 28, 2014.

Writing Interactives

The following can be found on the readwritethink site. They now have some of these interactives avaliable as mobile apps!

Writing Collaboration sites

*These sites are great for group writing.

Want your students to blog?

Kidblog is a great way to get your reluctant writers motivated. It's a safe site for students that can help build literacy skills and provide them with an authentic platform and audience. Students seem to be writing all of the time through texting, commenting, messaging, etc. and this is a an easy way to introduce them to blogging. Teachers can preview and approve all posts and comments before they are published to the site. Before you know it, students will become published authors! Read here to learn about how digital writing is making kids smarter.

Do your students need more keyboarding practice?

Students can use Dance Mat Typing to strengthen their keyboarding skills. There are 12 lessons to complete which will help them learn the home row keys, shift keys, letters, numbers, and symbols while following directions and listening to animated characters.

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