Digital citizenship project

Hayden B. period 3

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is when you are kind to someone. If you don't use digital citizenship then you could lose friends or be in trouble.Its always important to use digital citizenship.

Digital citizenship rule

1. Always be friendly.

Information privacy rule

2. Never give out your personal info

What is information Privacy?

Information privacy is when you don't click the adds that pop up.

social network rule

3. never talk to strangers.

What is social network?

Socil network is when you don't talk to strangers.

online safety rule:

4. be anonymous

What is online safety?

online safety is when you never give out your info.

cyber bulling rule:

5. never cyber bullies

What is cyber bulling?

its when you bully online.

Plagiarism rule

6. never copy someones work.

What is plagiarism?

its when you copy someones work as your work.

why digital citizenship is important

its important so you can be safe online. it could keep you out of trouble. if anyone does anything bad online you should tell a adult rite away.