Guns, Germs, and Steel!

European powers colonize Africa and dominate Asian countries

How It All Started

The Europeans were great farmers and had an abundance of domestic plants and animals to work with. This was a huge advantage and helped them develop cities, nations, and even colonies abroad. Also, Europeans had a major geographic advantage when they first came to the southern tip of Africa because they were identical. They fell at very similar latitudes and had almost the exact same temperatures and climate.


Living nearby livestock generation after generation, Europeans had developed a resistance to the viruses and germs given to them by the animals. So when they traveled around the world, they encountered people without a resistance to these germs and viruses who became victims of infections and diseases. One of the most deadly diseases was smallpox.
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Through germs and farming, Europeans had established a strong foothold in the southern tip of Africa.


Pioneers/Settlers trekking through Africa depended on guns. Almost every single one carried a rifle, and most everyone had multiple. The Europeans had mastered a technique in which one man shot the gun while another man loaded a gun. This maximized shots fired and was very efficient, they perfected it so there was a shot being fired every 5-6 seconds. At first, they just had rifles that shot one bullet at a time that had to be reloaded every shot, but then they developed the maxim gun. This gun could fire continuously for up to 500 rounds. It was the first automatic weapon every made.
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Some railroads had been built in Africa to transport supplies to and from the European settlers, but steel had become really important later, when the Belgians took control. They had taken thousands of native Africans and forced them into labor, making them construct railroads that went from the southern most part of Africa to places in Europe. Not only did they force the Africans into labor, the Europeans took tons and tons of copper and other precious materials.
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By Sammy Kerrigan

Assignment #7

Mrs. Raab

World History A