Space tourism

By: Zaanir Somani

EADS Astrium Spaceplane Project -- Rocketing into the future

Why would i want to space

I think it would be fun to go to space and people who have been to space say that they see much better so that is one good thing.

Future of Space Travel - Launching Space Tourism

It costs between 1 and 200 million dollars!!!

Why it costs so much?

it costs so much because. The fuel and air tank costs so much to get. Also the pilot needs to be trained how to fly the space plane. Also you need to pay for the training of going to space. Do you have any idea of how it feels when landing partly on fire?

There is only half a dozen compiles that offers space flights.

100 min trip or 1 week trip in space?

Would you pay 1milloin dollars to go on a 100 min trip or 150 milloin dollars to go on a 1 week trip to the iss?