Foot Care & Grooming

By: Symone Wesley & Ashton Wright

Things That You Didn't Know About Your Feet

Quick facts you may or may not have known about your feet

  • You have 26 bones, 32 joints more than 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles in each one of your feet.

  • 1.5 times your body weight of pressure is put on your foot with every step you take.

  • The thickest skin on your body is on the sole of your feet.

  • Your toenails grow about 1mm per month.

  • it takes a good 5 - 6 months before a new toenail grows back.

  • If you have diabetes, going around bare footed can be dangerous due to nerve damage.

  • Shoes and socks trap odor-causing bacteria which causes your feet to smell bad.

  • Your foot accounts for about 25% of your bodies bones.

  • The sweat glands in your feet produce about a pint of moisture each day.

  • Women experience foot pain four times more often than males.

  • Toenails grow faster during teenage years, pregnancy and warm weather.

Helpful Products To Get Rid Of Foot Odor & Germs

Get Into A Good Routine

Here is a very simple daily routine that will help you with your smelly feet.

  1. In the shower take a washcloth, a bar of soap or shower gel and scrub your feet. This is important because the washcloth will scrub off a lot of dead skin and dead skin build up, which is apart of the odor problem.
  2. Next dry off your feet. Don't just rub them back and forth on a towel, but actually thoroughly dry them with a towel. Don't forget in between the toes, and wait until your feet unpruned before putting on socks.
  3. Before you put on socks use a foot powder, such as Gold Bond. This will help control the odor. Also try sprinkling some in socks and shoes.
  4. Lastly take an antiperspirant and spray it on your feet. This is much like a foot powder but will stop sweat instead of absorbing it. You made need to tryout a few brands before finding the right one based on your body chemistry.
Smooth Feet Tutorial: How To Use The Glamscious 2 In 1 Foot Rasp File & Callus Remover


If you are fascinated by feet or enjoy taking care and grooming them here are some job and careers you may be interested in.

Podiatrist- A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine and a podiatric physician/surgeon. Podiatrists treat conditions on the foot, ankle, and some of the leg

Pedicurist- A pedicurist will wash, clean and massage feet to help remove dry, rough skin and make them look healthy and clean. They also care for the toe by clipping, shaping and sometimes polishing them

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Quick Facts and Advice

  • The average pair of feet has 250,000 sweat glands
  • One foot is often larger than the other
  • Walking is the best exercise for your foot
  • Planter warts are caused by walking bare foot
  • Feet can contract many nasty diseases from community showers
  • If you have athletes foot than use anti fungi powder on your feet
  • Soaking a planter wart in hot water for 90 minutes will help, but it may not completely disappear for months
  • Never cut or dig out an ingrown toenail
  • If you get staph in your foot, seek medical attention asap because, it can easily spread.