School life

Bryan Garcia


1.What would you eat for breakfast? Frosted flakes or Corn flakes?

A. corn flakes 11 B. frosted flakes 2 C. both 3 D. eggs and chorizo 13

2.Have the teachers you've had this year are cool?

A. yea 12 B. absolutely 2 C. they are super chill 6 D. nah 6 where the school lunches this year?

A. amazing 1 B. no 13 C. is that even a question of course 2 D. cant even look at the lunches 9 E. . if i could i would eat it at home thats how good the lunchs are 5

4.have you walked into the school bathroom and run out of toilet paper


A. no12 B. yes6 C. every time4 D. wish it happened2

5.was this school a blast with all your friends?

AA. not really4 B. a year i wont forget11 C. i dont have friends5 D. too much drama8

Summary of your findings

in this survey i noticed not a lot fund it humorous. i thought they wouldve played around and choose the answers i thought would've been a joke. but over all they choose some good answers like the first one. But mostly it was their opinion of the answering choices. not everyone has that good humor side. Really their isn't a right or wrong answer to this.