X-Treme Skydiving and sky surfing

Dasia Hampton Section 30 March 24,2015


Sport parachuting or skydiving is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. Each Individual participant, regardless of experience, has final responsibility for his or her own safety.

Sky Surfing

This is a type of skydiving where a board is strapped to the diver’s feet. They usually do stunts or acrobatics on it on the way down.

Stating the facts

One of the most interesting facts about skydiving is that a person named Jonas holds the record for getting a tattoo made while free falling at from a 4000 m altitude. Hailing from Sweden, he got the acronym WFFT tattooed on his arm. What does WFFT stand for? Well, it stands for Worlds First Freefall Tattoo. He is still hailed as a local hero for this feat. If that's not XTREME I don't know what is.