Do All Heros Have Superpowers?

Can you be a hero?

Who is a hero?

When you hear hero, What do you think of? Superman? Batman? Well the best heros are the everyday ones. What kind of heros are in your community? Well lets think there are the Police, the Firefighters, Doctors. Have you been a hero, you don't have to save a life to be somebody's hero. A hero is somebody who is kind and helps others, thats what *I feel is a hero.

What makes a hero?

A hero is someone with a kind heart and isn't afraid of risking everything. Not all heroes are what you expect. Some heroes can be your friend or your family member. Anybody can be a hero whether you save lives or are just friendly you could and can be a hero. Sometimes if you are helpful and kind you could be someones hero I have one and I bet you have one to.
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One of the worst tragedies happened 13 years ago it was called 9/11. Many people died that day including many heros. The reason it is called 9/11 is because it happened on 9/11 (September 11.) Two planes crashed into the World Trade center or also know as the twin towers. Killing every one on the planes and every one in those levels of the building. Many people were trying to get out but the Heros ran in to save those who were trapped. There were four planes that were high jacked two hit the twin towers, one of them hit the Pentagon, the last plane was going for the White House but there were heroes on that plane and they took over and ended up crashing in a field. In conclusion not all heroes have super powers just good kind and brave hearts.
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