Science Times

By: Mr. Kottkey (Issue #2)


Wow! We are already halfway through the 3rd quarter. Midterms should be available soon. Remember this is simply an update on how your child is doing so far. There is plenty of time for improvement.

This week In Science we started the Genetics Alien Project. This is a fun way of seeing how traits are passed down from one generation to the next. We are looking to hopefully finish up by this Wednesday 3/11. If the students use their time in class, there should not be homework associated with this assignment.

There was also an honors option for students who have previously shown mastery of genetics through assignments and quizzes. The assignment was to investigate the pros and cons of GMOs and perform some follow up activities.

Genetics unit test Friday! Remind your child to start studying 10-20 minutes each night. Reviewing the instructional videos from my website, and looking through the genetics pages in their Science interactive notebook (INB) would be a good start for this process.

The quiz pictured below could also give you an upper hand the actual test.

Students of the Week

Kylie is a great example of an well-rounded student. Her behavior in class is that of a mature, young adult. She always is on top of her studies. No matter what the topic, Kylie is enthusiastic to learn new material. She has the ability to take the science content to higher a level and takes the on the challenge opportunities. She is another student who not only asks questions when she needs help, but her questions show a higher level of thinking. Her positive attitude EVERY DAY and hard work sets a great example for other students!

Kevin Luna

Kevin is always giving it his all to meet or exceed my standards for Science. He is always coming to me asking how he can improve an assignment or increase a score on a test. Kevin works hard for his grades and always there to give a helping hand if someone else is struggling. Even faced with adversity at times, he keeps his cool and continues to charge ahead. It is hard to find a time when Kevin isn't in good spirits and having a good time at school. Keep up the good work, Kevin! (And don't ever change your first is one of the best ones out there.)

Weeek at a Glance 3/9-3-13



*Continue Alien Genetics (Summative) Due Wednesday/Honors Option



*Continue Alien Genetics (Summative) Due Wednesday/Honors Option



*Finish Alien Genetics (Summative) Due Wednesday/Honors Option



*Review for Genetics test



* Genetics Test


Alien Assignment

Honors option

Test review

Text book pages for review (Pages 122-130)

Quiz Your KID!!

  • Vocabulary terms
    • Dominate Genes
    • Recessive Genes
    • Alleles
    • Genotype
    • Phenotype
    • Homozygous
    • Heterozygous
    • Punnett Square

    Punnett Square Practice

    B = brown r = red

    1. Make a Punnett Square for the Parent 1 (B,B) and Parent 2 (B,r)

    2. Name the genotypes of the offspring____________________

    3. Name the phenotypes of the offspring___________________

    4. What % of the phenotypes are the same as the mother_____

    5. What % of the phenotypes are the same as the father______

    6. What is the genotype of the mother_____________

    7. What is the genotype of the father______________

    8. Name the homozygous genotypes of the offspring_____________

    9. Name the heterozygous genotypes of the offspring____________

    10. Name the % of hybrid offspring__________

    11. Name the % of purebred offspring__________

    12. What is an allele?